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Magic Colouring Book (3 way) Set.

Magic Colouring Book (3 way) Set.

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The Magic Colouring Book STANDARD SET!

This Beautiful Set Includes all of the necessary tools to turn the Magic Show Colouring Book into An Entertaining Routine for every audience!

A colouring book is shown to have all blank pages.

You ask the children to imagine images of "MAGIC"! Just then, the magician (that's you) Turns through the once empty pages to find they are filled with drawings of magical images! Next, you ask one of the kids from the audience to come up and help with the trick! You display a new pack of crayons to help colour in the pages. But having the Child colour in each page one by one would simply take too long.

NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE MAGIC TO HAPPEN! You hand your new assistant a magic wand and ask for their help in transferring some of the colors of the crayons to the pages. When the Child points the wand toward the crayons, they ALL VANISH FROM THE BOX! Oh No!!!

You open the coloring book and now the pages are colored in!!

It's like REAL magic!

What sets this colouring book SET apart from others?
The Deluxe version contains:


The paper is a produced from a high-quality, thick, no bleed stock. The cover is coated in UV for a long-lasting, professional look. The images are large and contain actual magic tricks and illusions such as; Cups and Balls, Ball Vase, Zig Zag, Rabbit in the hat, Rising card as well as other classic effects. This provides you an opportunity to point out some of the classics in magic. The Vanishing Crayons are very well made and will last many performances. Also included; A classic Magician's Magic Wand. Comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging box to keep your gear in good condition between shows.

  • Self-working!
  • 3-Way Coloring Book!
  • High quality Materials throughout!
  • Large, colorful images!
  • Thick, no-blead paper!
  • UV coated heavy duty cover!
  • Vanishing Crayons / Multi-colored!
  • Magician's Magic Wand!
  • Online instructions!
  • Individually wrapped to protect during shipping!

Brand: Murphys Magic

Creator: Murphys Magic

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