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Magic Matchstick by TCC

Magic Matchstick by TCC

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Penetrate a Matchstick Through the Solid Brass Block Inside a Matchbox. Your New Favourite Everyday Carry!

The magician removes a single match from a matchbox and passes it easily through the hole in the center of the matchbox to prove that there is nothing in the matchbox.

So far so good, but what happens next will leave the audience stunned. The magician then opens the matchbox to reveal a solid brass block inside - A complete, solid, impenetrable block of brass that happens to fill the matchbox.

This is the classic matchbox penetration effect. There are also other versions of the effect e.g. knife through playing card box.

The effect is very magical and, at one time, made frequent appearances on TV magic shows.

This year, we will also bring you a brand new version - The Magic MatchStick.
The most amazing part of this magic is not just the effect, but that the gimmick is right in front of their noses.

Upon casual examination, the audience will believe it is a solid block of brass through and through.

Check out a closeup of the brass block.

The devil is in the detail, and every detail of the Magic Matchstick has been thoughtfully crafted.

The key lies in the texture, precision, and meticulous machining of the brass block: the gimmick must be perfectly seamed, the surface must not have excessive grinding marks, and the edges must be carefully chamfered.

Two matchboxes are included in your set. One is an ordinary matchbox, the other is specially designed to be shown filled with matches at the beginning of your performance. When you use the gimmicked matchbox, you can present the dual effects of transformation and penetration.

Note: There are some simple DIY arts and crafts required. You would need to supply your matchsticks.

The entire set of props required to perform such an incredible feat is only the size of a matchbox, which makes it very suitable for your everyday carry (EDC) setup.
Comes with:

  • An ordinary matchbox
  • A specially constructed matchbox
  • Brass Block

Dimensions and weight:
Red matchbox 57*40*20mm
Blue matchbox 57*40*14mm
Brass Block 54*34mm*12mm
Brass Block Weight: 169g±5g
Complete Set Box Size: 170*95*30mm
Whole Set Weight: 269g±5g

Everyday-carry (EDC) reputation maker;
Matchstick passes through a solid brass block;
Finely crafted, superior craftsmanship;
Simple and easy to do. Ready to use at a moment's notice;
Can be handed over to the audience for casual examination;
Brand new gimmicked matchbox.

Brand: TCC

Creator: TCC

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