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Magical Honeycomb by Tenyo Magic

Magical Honeycomb by Tenyo Magic

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Created by So Sato, Magical Honeycomb by Tenyo is truly baffling transposition of two different coloured rings.

This snappy trick uses two hexagonal rings, one yellow and one black. Each ring is punched with a series of holes. After showing the front and back of each ring, they instantly change places and change color in increasingly visual and surprising ways. You will be able to master this trick in no time flat, thanks to the clever method and bold principle built into the simple props.
(Carry case included)

  1. Show two coloured rings, and hold them in your fist.
  2. Place the black ring on the table. The instant you cover it with your hand...
  3. It changes places with the ring in your fist!
  4. Slide the black ring onto your extended finger so it cannot be switched out.
  5. Wave your hand over the ring, and it instantly transforms into the yellow ring!
Items included:
  • Ring set
  • Carry case
  • Instruction sheet

Brand: Tenyo Magic

Creator: So Sato

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Customer Reviews

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David Platts
Tenyo Magical Honeycomb from Monster Magic

Very quick delivery, well packaged and exactly as advertised- good experience thanks.

Trevor Coates

Hi, I think Magical Honeycomb is brilliant. I love the fact that something so simple can be so effective.