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Mental Billet Pad by TCC Magic

Mental Billet Pad by TCC Magic

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Simplify Your Carry with TCC Mental Billet Pad – A Minimalist Leather Billet Holder with Three Functions in One.

1. Effortless Invisible Writing
Write comfortably using a swami gimmick (e.g., our Sharpie Swami Pro) on the expansive surface area, offering more coverage for a single billet. The pad provides a rigid surface for effective writing on securely held billets.

2.Impression Pad
Equipped with a classic magnetic impression gimmick, easily obtain information written by the audience on the billet. Includes a gimmicked Sharpie for this function.

3.Out to Lunch Principle
The strap design holds multiple billets and is tailored for the Out-to-Lunch principle, providing ideal camouflage for the effect.

Crafted from genuine leather and assembled with precision using high-quality materials, the Mental Billet Pad redefines simplicity with elegance.

Compact yet versatile, it accommodates most common billet and business card sizes, including TCC's marked billets. A dependable workhorse in the arsenal of mentalists.


  • Genuine Leather Construction.
  • Minimal Pocket Space.
  • Secure Billet Hold for Invisible Writing.
  • Integrated Impression Pad (with a gimmicked Sharpie).
  • Out to Lunch Principle.


  • Mental Billet Pad, measuring 11*7.5*0.7 cm
  • Gimmicked Sharpie for the Impression Pad function.

Brand: TCC Magic

Creator: TCC Magic

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