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NFW by Gary Freed

NFW by Gary Freed

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"Quite simply one of the most commercial small packet effects I've ever used!" -John Carey

"I loved it, two thumbtips up!" - Dan Garrett

"The ending jumps up and bites you, I was astounded!" - Tom Craven

"It looked like real magic." - Tony Econ

"As clean as any packet trick I've seen, the ending's a killer!" - Scott Wells

"This trick is cool. I wish I'd thought of it!" - Jason Alford

"I can't wait to use it for real people, I think it's a mind blower!" - Marc DeSouza

"A great routine, easy to do and a completely surprising blow-off!" - Paul Cummins

"One of the cleanest and fairest looking twisting effects ever! It fooled me!" - Jerry Mentzer

"An effect that will knock the spectator's down! I love it!" - Bob Elliot

"If this trick doesn't blow your socks off, your shoes are too tight!" - Bob Farmer

One of the hottest selling tricks of all time, and for good reason. Whenever we ask pro magicians which packet trick they carry, this is almost always the one mentioned.

"One of the greatest card tricks of all time" - Nick Locapo

"It's not a card trick! It's a miracle that happens to use cards" - Maxwell Murphy

NO JOKE is Rick Lax’s personal handling of NFW. Rick has stripped the trick down to its core. He gets straight to the killer transformations.

When you buy NO JOKE, you’ll get the ingeniously gimmicked cards and TWO downloadable video tutorials featuring Rick, showing you all the tricks’ subtleties. PLUS you get Nick Locapo's presentation AND Jay Nobelzada's classic presentation.

If you want to perform a card trick wherever you go, but don’t want to carry a whole deck of cards with you, then this is the trick for you. No joke!

When we started Penguin, we knew we had to exceed expectations. So the very first card trick we ever offered was NFW.

It blew us all away, and most importantly DESTROYED audiences. Over the last decade, it's been performed by literally thousands of pros around the world, every which way.

On the table, on the streets, in the hands, on the floor and even through Skype. How can it be so amazing? One word: Simplicity.

Four cards change from jokers to aces. No deck! And everything's in plain sight.

PROFESSIONALS: NFW is a worker. If you could measure magic's impact scientifically, you'd probably find that something in the DNA of this trick resonates with audiences. It's not a card trick, even though it uses cards.

Manufacturer Says

You see the complete front and back of each Ace. You unmistakably show four cards at the end. No funny displays. Nothing to ditch or palm off. The gimmick has been custom printed on Bicycle card stock. Instant reset makes it perfect for strolling & restaurant workers. NFW! is devastating and revolutionary.

Produced by Penguin Magic

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: Gary Freed

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