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Night Flight Deck by Steve Dela

Night Flight Deck by Steve Dela

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Welcome to the Night Flight Deck online shop.

In 2018 Steve Dela had the idea to create the easiest to read Marked Deck ever created.
The marks had to be bold and easy to see at the slightest glance… many said it couldn’t be done!
Steve got together with Ade Gower and the challenge was set.

Under Steve’s direction, Ade illustrated what has now become the Night Flight Deck that everyone loves.

Today the deck has evolved so much, it quickly became one of the most sought after decks in the world of magic and mentalism.

With each edition features were added, updated and improved.
It is packed full of amazing features… it’s certainly WAY more that “just” a marked deck!

The innovative Red/Black markings, One Way feature, as well as the numerous card reveals built in to the deck and box really have made this a professional working prop with scope for an endless amount of routines.
As they say… “limited only by your imagination”.

Brand: Steve Dela

Creator: Steve Dela

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Customer Reviews

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Colin Goodgroves
Night Flight Deck (PRO) by Steve Dela

I've been happily using the Night Flight Deck (Elite), which is on excellent card stock, as my go to M****d Deck for some time. Like all other decks they are subject to wear, over time and with constant use. To overcome that problem, the 'PRO' deck is produced on plastic stock . I was reluctant to try the Pro deck because, in my experience, plastic decks don't usually look or handle too well. Following on from Alex's excellent review, I decided to try them for myself. THEY ARE EXCELLENT! They look good and they handle surprisingly well. They are easy to read, like the other Night Flight decks. They also contain lots of hidden 'extras' that make this deck perfect for ALL magicians and mentalists. I highly recommend them.