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Out of Order by Angelo Carbone

Out of Order by Angelo Carbone

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This is Angelo Carbone's incredible Out of Order.

When Out of Order by Angelo Carbone was released it caused a sensation. It has long been out of production and has become one of the most sought-after effects in the world of magic and sadly one of the most imitated.

Get ready to blow minds with this mind-bending close-up illusion and leave every audience astounded.

The Effect:
You fan four playing cards showing them to be RIVETED together in numerical order, and alternating red, black, red, black. Turning the packet over you show the backs of the cards also alternate red, blue, red, blue.
You clearly demonstrate that because the cards are securely fastened by the permanent rivet, it is impossible to change their order, no matter how they are swivelled.
The fan is closed and after a magical gesture, fanned again. The cards have swapped places.

  • Totally Examinable
  • Easy to do
  • The magic happens in the spectators hands
  • Online video tutorial

Every Out of Order is meticulously hand made by Angelo himself, because despite its simplicity, Angelo's attention to detail is paramount.

"Out of Order is one of the greatest packet tricks of the past 20 years. It's absolutely fantastic... absolutely divine!" - Ian Rowland

"It's one of the most baffling card tricks I have ever seen... this is a real stunner." - Genii Magazine

"Angelo's mind must be totally 'Out of Order' to come up with something as cunning as this!" - Simon Lovell

"I love it... this is great in-their-hands-stuff." - Anthony Owen

"I am absolutely delighted with it; since many years I have not come across such an original and fascinating magic gem. Words fail me to express how happy I am with it." - Ted Biet

"It's one of the finest effects I have ever seen. As a magician with 45 years experience, I have never seen a card trick that works so well and is so baffling. To think I waited 45 years for magic like yours." - Brian Richardson

"Diabollically clever and stuns and fools everybody, magicians included. I always have it with me in my wallet." - Michael Mander

"It is one of the most clever card tricks I have ever seen." - Dieter Kempf

"Truely commercial. Must be seen to be believed." - Paul Abbey

"Superb! Your Out of Order is perfect for walk around." - Gary Jones

"Possibly the BEST table hopper on the market." - Geoffrey Radford

"It's excellent! It amazes the people I show it to every time." - Peter Drayton

"A miracle that will fool the pants off you." - Joe Stevens

"It truely is an unbelievable piece of close up magic." - John Duffty

"Delighted with Out of Order. A truely wonderful effect!" - Vic Conners

"This is a very clever effect." - Alan Harris

"I am very impressed and shall be using it a lot." - Patrick Vollmer

"An outstanding trick. I rate it high." - S. Giridharan

"Congratulations on Out of Order! Excellent!" - Neville Cooper

"I'm delighted with Out of Order. It is excellent!" - Duane Henry

"Brilliant!" - Glen Morris

"Great!" - Malcolm Nunn

"A wonderful trick!" - Massimo Polidoro

Brand: Angelo Carbone

Creator: Angelo Carbone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jack Steinberg
3 words

Ingenious - Simple - Outstanding

Trick Great! Service even better!!

I know the trick is great. I bought it here and honestly, the video that you get I did not find very good. I messaged Alex and he shot a NEW video that was much better... to help me out!! Who does that? Tremendous service!!
I will definitely be buying from here again.
Also, Monster Magic is the BEST magic review show on the web!!

Daniel Braxton
Out of Order by Angelo Carbone

Good product, great service from Monster Magic!

Out of Order by Angelo Carbone

Simple, effective and fooling. Great effect just as shown in the trailer. Can be handed out for inspection afterwards.

Mark Hull
Out of Order - Angelo Carbone

Love the trick, perfect EDC. Took a while to understand how to do the move but once the penny dropped it’s very simple. Quick and easy reset.