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Perfect Score by Jon Allen

Perfect Score by Jon Allen

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Do you wish you could do a perfect Mercury Card Fold every time? Now you can!
Do you want a quick and easy way to prepare cards for tearing in Torn & Restored routines? This is it!
No fuss. No worries.
Jon Allen’s ‘Perfect Score’ is a valuable new tool for magicians. Many people have difficulty doing a really good Mercury Card fold even after much practice. Now you can prepare a card in a few seconds to fold perfectly into quarters or sixths.
Perfect Score is a rigid template and scoring tool that helps you quickly and easily prepare cards for folding perfectly into quarters or sixths. Whatever Card to Box you perform, Perfect Score will be a valuable tool for you to prepare the cards... especially for those boxes where the 'card' is perfectly folded inside or the actual signed card is a fairly tight fit.
Regardless of your card’s back design or any misprinting, Perfect Score will score your cards in the perfect position every time.
It will even score blank cards perfectly into quarters or sixths!
While having a signed card folded perfectly to match the ‘card’ seen in a box is advantageous, you can use Perfect Score for other routines i.e. when you want any 'folded card revelation' to look good; torn & restored card routines and pocket indexes.
Included in the booklet is Jon’s add-a-number prediction routine. The total of several numbers matches the prediction sitting on the table in view the whole time!

Brand: Jon Allen

Creator: Jon Allen

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Customer Reviews

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Tom Rolfe
A great tool

Perfect Score does everything you’d expect. This tool is very useful and made of quality materials.