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Photo Finish by Dan Harlan

Photo Finish by Dan Harlan

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"As it arrives, Photo Finish by Dan Harlan is a fine piece of magic using a well trodden principle. However, when you use your own photos you have something really special. If you personalise this effect you will naturally draw people in and really enjoy performing it. There is one minor piece of sleight of hand, but since the quarters of the photos are small it is very easy. Don't under estimate the feeling the spectator will feel at the conclusion, in their mind they have randomised everything in their own hands. Photo Finish by Dan Harlan is nice effect for under £20, but get yourself down to the print shop and create a miracle" - Monster Magic Shop Review

From a STACK of seemingly random photos, your spectator finds the ONLY pieces that complete a psychic image using intuition alone!

Manipulate your audience’s mind to produce a picture that they have only been thought of. This diabolical trick from the devilishly clever Dan Harlan is an amazing piece of mentalism that plays well in a formal performance and a casual setting. Your audiences will discover the perfect picture in Photo Finish by Dan Harlan.

Here’s what happens:
The performer gives the audience a stack of photographs that has been cut into small pieces. The spectator freely mixes the pieces of photos any way they want. The magician then tells the spectator that they are going to perform a sort of photo recall. The magician describes a vivid image and then has the spectator sort the pieces of the photos while they are face down into four piles. The top of each pile is turned face up, and impossibly the spectator has managed to assemble all four pieces of the image the magician described.

Photo Finish comes complete with all of the props needed to perform this amazing routine. It’s part mentalism, part magic, and all-around amazing for your audience members. In addition to the props, you will receive expert instructions from Dan Harlan on how to perform this wonderful trick with minimal sleight of hand. The best part is that your spectator does all the work. This effect is more than a revelation. This is Photo Finish by Dan Harlan.

Produced by Penguin Magic.

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: Dan Harlan

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Customer Reviews

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Charles Thody
Great effect but a bit pricey

Anything by Dan Harlan is worth having for sure... But, it would be better offered as a video download with the option of purchasing the photos supplied - I found them very hard to use compared to normal photo prints and quite expensive.