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Pocket Roulette by Geraint Clarke & Yannick Barth

Pocket Roulette by Geraint Clarke & Yannick Barth

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In pocket roulette you can make a card vanish from their pocket - and appear anywhere!

5 cards are shown and they think of 1. They mix them up (behind their back) and place them in their pocket.

You bet them they can't reach into their pocket & hand you their card at random. Like a game of Russian Roulette.

With no switches & without ever coming near them - it's done. 

4 times in a row, they will not be able to hand you their card.

When they reach in to grab the 5th & final card - their card, IT'S GONE!

And guess where it reappears? Right where the money was – the card they were thinking of.

There’s no roughing fluid.
No magnets.
No palms.

Pocket Roulette resets in 2 seconds, is easy to do & utilises a simple gimmick that just works every time.

Brand: Ellusionist

Creator: Geraint Clarke

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Simply awesome.