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Predicshuns by Roddy McGhie

Predicshuns by Roddy McGhie

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Prepare to be baffled by one of the most endearing predictions ever witnessed in the world of magic, conjured by the ingenious mind of Roddy McGhie.

In this charming card trick, a child's drawing mysteriously predicts a card that is freely chosen by your spectator. This is the stunning effect of "Predicshuns" by Roddy McGhie. 

Here’s what happens:

You introduce an envelope that holds a handful of playing cards that were drawn for you by a child. More importantly, the child drew these drew them for a specific person. One of the cards is hidden because you believe the child drew it specifically for your spectator. That card is placed face down on the table while you take out a deck of cards and have your audience freely name any card in the deck. The named card is taken out of the deck, the mystery card is turned over, and impossibly they match!

Predicshuns comes with everything you need to perform it right out of the box. The gimmicked deck and special prediction cards do all of the work for you. The charming children’s prediction cards were hand drawn by Roddy’s daughter and will capture the hearts of any audience.

This trick was a massive hit at the Blackpool magic convention, and now you can perform it to get incredible reactions. This is the kind of quirky Roddy-style effect with a clever routine that can fit anyone’s style. If this is your first Roddy McGhie effect, you’ll love how every detail is worked out so that you draw the audience in with a charming presentation and then hit them between the eyes with an impossible prediction.

If you are a long-time Roddy fan, you’ll love that one of his sleeper hits is finally available as a complete set, exactly the way Roddy has used this as an opener for years. Predict any freely named card with a child’s drawing when you perform Predicshuns by Roddy McGhie.

Produced by Penguin Magic.

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: Roddy McGhie

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Colin Poole
Love this!

Easy to perform, I love telling the story about my niece or nephew drawing the predictions (sorry predicshuns lol), and so far has got great reactions. A joy to perform.


On scale from 1-10 how hard it is to do is 1 and how hard it hits is 10. Amazing effect, fun to do. I highly recommend it.


Dead easy and great fun

Bob Lyon

A great opener! Easy to do with great reactions!