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Pro-Flite by Nicholas Einhorn

Pro-Flite by Nicholas Einhorn

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Borrow any ring and make it disappear.
It instantly and safely reappears amongst your keys
Within minutes of watching the instructional DVD you will be adding Pro-Flite to your keys.
Be ready to perform an astonishing classic of magic anytime, anywhere.

  • No more fear of rings 'flying off'.
  • No reels, springs, magnets, fishing line or bulky key fobs.
  • No set up.

Allows the borrowed ring to appear amongst your keys while a spectator holds them.
Spectator can freely handle the gimmick.
Includes a bonus, high calibre Ring-on-String routine. (String included).
A practical 'Ring Flight' for real world, daily use.
Designed by two of the top creators in British magic, Bob Swadling (Creator of The Flipper Coin) and Nicholas Einhorn (F.I.S.M award winner & creator of Spooked - The Ultimate Haunted Deck).

Pro-Flite is simply one of the most practical, reliable and astonishing versions of 'Ring Flight' currently available



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