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Quarter Pounder (10p) by R. Paul Wilson (a copy of Steve Dusheck's Hybrid Coin)

Quarter Pounder (10p) by R. Paul Wilson (a copy of Steve Dusheck's Hybrid Coin)

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This item is reduced as it is a copy of a previously released product: Hybrid Coin by Steve Dusheck.

Penguin Magic and R. Paul Wilson are aware they have duplicated someone else's material but continue to sell Quarter Pounder as an original trick, without so much as crediting originator.

The trick and gimmick can be found in Steve Dusheck's book "Dusheck's Coin Magic" published in 1992 by the American Magic Company.

The original trick and gimmick can be bought here:

This product will not be re-stocked by Monster Magic.

Quarter Pounder is R. Paul Wilson's go to every day carry, a simple coin gaff which enables you to impossibly vanish and appear coins at your fingertips. It was a Magic Live sell out!

I don't know what's more impressive, just how clever this new gimmick is, or that Paul Wilson managed to keep it a secret this long -- I couldn't have!

With just a few coins, you'll be able to do the most jaw-dropping miracles. This gaff is built to last forever, and make miracles easy to perform.

I'm dumbstruck that nobody thought of this before. You're going to love Quarter Pounder.

"For years, I've carried something in my pocket, something I didn't share with other magicians. It'll fool you, and it'll fool your friends." - R. Paul Wilson

"What a great piece to have in your pocket. It’s an impromptu looking home run with endless possibilities."
- Chris Korn

"Quarter Pounder is great. Paul Wilson is too clever by half."
- Max Maven

"It’s one of the cleverest gimmick I ever seen in coin magic!"
- Juan Luis Rubiales

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: R. Paul Wilson

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul j
great every day carry

want a easy every day carry for that impromptu moment then this is it for a quick fire trick .
it seems more impossible when you ask to borrow a couple of 10p pieces

Peter Whitmore
Nice EDC

Great item to carry around for 'imprompt" moments. Sturdy gimmick. Speedy delivery from Monster Magic