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Razor Wallet by Dee Christopher

Razor Wallet by Dee Christopher

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Introducing Razor Wallet, the small hip sized wallet, that grants you an unobstructed and complete glimpse of any business card, billet, or index card placed inside it.

What sets Razor apart is its remarkable ability to provide this peek right in full view of your audience. They can literally watch you as you access the information, completely oblivious to your actions.

With Razor, you gain the capability to secretly acquire and discern any piece of information: be it a phone number, a name, a word, a PIN number, a shape, a doodle, or any numerical value someone may think of.

Whether you're a magician looking to add a touch of mentalism to your routine or a mentalist seeking a potent method to access your participants' thoughts, Razor is the tool designed to empower your performances and unlock a world of possibilities.

“The ONLY wallet I’ll use!” – Lewis Le Val

“By FAR the best of its kind!” – Alan Rorrison

“I LOVE it! A low profile and quality prop that naturally hides in plain sight for ENDLESS possibilities!” – Dan Sperry

“This is the best mentalism device I’ve seen in many years! Bar none.” – Steven Palmer

Razor gives you a FULL PEEK of any business card, billet or index card that is placed inside it. And the best part? You can do it in FULL VIEW of your audience. They can literally watch you peeking and they won’t have a clue.

Crafted from the ground up by master artisans to Dee’s exact specifications, this is the kind of wallet that looks right at home in the front pocket of any modern mystery artist.

Dee designed this wallet to be fashionable and unisex. It is made from cruelty free materials so that everyone can add Razor to their EDC, regardless of their gender and lifestyle.

Not only will you get a powerful peek with this device, also included is a unique handling for a visual card to wallet where the audience actually sees the very moment their card appears inside the ID window.

Very limited stock is available after a complete sell out at the Blackpool Magic Convention; don’t miss out – Add Razor to your EDC today!

Produced by Penguin Magic.

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: Dee Christopher

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sebastian Bowen
Simple and effective

Nice wallet with an easy peek. So thin an small easy to just have on you all times. If you want a little more then get the shadow wallet which has the same perk and offers the extra feature of thought of card in wallet

John Rutherford
Grandma,s miracle

Another excellent product from monster magic yet another happy customer excellent service highly recommended 👍

John Rutherford
Razor wallet

Excellent product and quality and excellent service very fast on dispatch