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RD Regular Cube by Henry Harrius

RD Regular Cube by Henry Harrius

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Rubik's lovers rejoice! The RD Regular Cube by Henry Harrius is here, and it's the first Rubik's Cube designed by magicians, especially for magicians.

Ditch those more expensive and sometimes messy speed cubes. These cubes can be completely customised for your needs, and boast:

  • Silent movement
  • Tightening or loosening for the feel you like
  • Removable side panels
  • Stickers that match the original shape and color of Rubik's
  • A cheaper price than a speed cube

All this and it doesn't need oiling, which means no oil transferred to your hands, clothes, or cards.

This cube is ready to go for your next magic routine, and combines perfectly with Rubik's Dream for more power and more possibilities for your magic. With all this going for it, what are you waiting for? Purchase your RD Regular Cube today!



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Customer Reviews

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Colin Poole
Nice Cube

A really nice regular cube which is a joy to use. As with all Henry’s stuff the quality is second to none and it matches the cubes from Henry’s cube tricks.