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Ring Leader by Gregory Wilson

Ring Leader by Gregory Wilson

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Picture this - A spectator's ring is magically plucked off the center of a rope and just as effortlessly thrown back on - without letting go of the ends! In a flurry of non-stop action, the ring takes on a life of its own - it hops and pops, slips and slides, jumps and bumps, moves and grooves. In other words, you can't stop it!

Now for the ultimate con - While everyone's staring at the ring trapped on the cord, it instantly and invisibly changes into YOUR RING! Where's the spectator's ring? Back on your finger! Talk about pulling a fast one!

We know what you're thinking - there's got to be a ton of gimmicks, gaffs, gizmos and gadgets... Nope. Only Greg!

Best of all - the 'security cord' is so cleverly motivated that the audience bites into your premise hook, line and sinker. So put that dirty, nasty shoelace back where it belongs - on your shoe!

String Your Audience Along With

Ring Leader - Greg's 6 phase eye-popping, jaw-dropping, nostril-flaring routine.

Familiar Ring - The classic moves that started it all by such notables as Ray Grismer, Scotty York, Earl Nelson, Jay Scott Berry, Dan Garrett and others.

Ring Master - Put your audience through the ringer with the diabolically cunning moves of David Grippenwaldt - one of magic's best kept secrets.

Fraternal Ring - Grip and Greg put their heads together to come up with some brand new doozies.

Running Time Approximately 120min. Produced by Penguin Magic.

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: Gregory Wilson

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Customer Reviews

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Alan B
Excellent DVD on ring and string moves

Ring on and off string is a great close up effect and the Gregory Wilson DVD gives not only Gregory's routine in detail but a large number of other moves which might be useful. It is practically an encyclopedia of ring and string moves.

Ring Leader. Gregory Wilson

The content of this DVD is quite old (Greg Wilson has hair!) and I think may have originally been released on VHS! Nevertheless the production quality is very good and the navigation is straightforward. As with anything by Greg Wilson the teaching is excellent. I already have a workable ring-on-string routine but was recommended this DVD for some different moves. There is a wealth of information on this DVD and it’s all good stuff. I was surprised how much most dealers were charging for this DVD given its age. However, Monster Magic’s price was cheaper than any and their service did not disappoint. I’m very pleased with the purchase.