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Ring Swing Thing by Sirus

Ring Swing Thing by Sirus

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The Perfect EDC.

A wearable piece of visual magic in black and stainless steel, with a 4-stage routine.
At the end the spectator, somehow, even does the magic themselves!
An ideal, visual, non-card opener.

"Sirus' Ring Swing is a super commercial adaptation of the classic ring on chain effect, taking the classic methodology and building a full routine, with multiple phases, clever convincers, and an engaging sequence. Sirus' expert routining takes a simple curio and elevates it into a real worker." - Phil Smith - Miscellaneous Miracles and designer of the DMC Elites

"The best thing I saw at Blackpool 2023" - Kev Mark - Creator of Bullseye

"Ring Swing is sooooo good, Really really smart to continue the phases and use the chain in place of rubber bands, great idea." - The Clean Hand



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