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Ring to Adrián Carratalá's shoe

Ring to Adrián Carratalá's shoe

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For years, Adrián Carratalá has jealously guarded the secret with which he managed to fool Penn & Teller. Now you too can amaze your audience with this miracle.

Effect: A borrowed ring disappears under a handkerchief and immediately appears tied to the magician's shoelace.

And this is the best of all:

  • The magician's hands never go near the shoe.
  • It does not depend on the clothes. You can perform it completely naked! (only with shoes, of course).
  • The gimmick installs in 5 seconds and the game resets in another 5 seconds.
  • The complete system is self-contained and fits in a pocket.
  • Duplicate rings are not used. The ring that the spectator holds is her real ring.
  • There are no suspicious movements, the hands are empty at all times.
  • No reels, threads, or elastics are used. The gimmick is designed for professional use.
  • Each unit has been handcrafted in Spain with great care and supervised one by one by Adrián.

Important: The use of dark shoes or with black laces is recommended.

Inspired by an original idea by Richard Sanders.



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