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Rings by Ben Williams - Download

Rings by Ben Williams - Download

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If you are the type of magician that loves performing magic that is meaningful for your spectators then you may want to read on.

If you are the type of magician that loves performing magic that culminates in creating an impossible object that can be left with your spectators as a keepsake then you too may want to read on.

But if you are the type of magician that loves BOTH of these things then boy do I have a trick for you!

Rings is how I perform a linking card routine where the spectators keep the signed, linked rings as a souvenir. If you see a pair of linked rings you don't even need to see the performance of the effect to see that it is simply impossible, it's like a sealed deck of cards in a glass bottle, it just looks impossible.

I have always been fascinated by impossible objects, I absolutely love using magic to create strange things that you can give away. If you know my magic you know effects I have released like Labelled, Linko and OCL are all pieces of magic that end with an impossible object that the spectators can keep that frames that moment for them forever.

I don't like gimmicks that give you a sense of 'is it going to work this time' or 'I hope this doesn't break'. The magic world has changed, that is definitely true, a LOT of magic is viewed through an online platform now, there is market for a whole heap of magic that has terrible real world angles and has no need to be reliable as you can simply re-film the performance.

But that is not how I work, I perform to real people in real life, it's not always ideal situations and you can never just 're-shoot' it. So I aim to create magic that suits my performing needs, magic that is practical, reliable and doable in the real world. I am just not interested in creating the new Instagram or TikTok toy gimmick, I want my creations to be performed and enjoyed by people in real, live situations.

I have to have confidence in what I perform and that is what Rings is for me, a piece of magic I can 100% rely upon.

Let's also talk OCL quickly...

Some of you may be thinking, 'isn't OCL your 'perfect' linking card effect?'

If you've never heard of it then don't worry but OCL is a method for linking cards that I am incredibly proud of. It was however born from a challenge I gave myself which was - How do you take one card, tear two rings from it, have them signed and then linked together so they can be kept in their linked state as a souvenir. And it did EXACTLY that, however as a worker, the method has its drawbacks. It can be fiddly to make if you aren't used to it, the setup also requires a couple of specific glues for it to work, then there is a time limit between when you create the gimmick and when you should perform the effect and finally the performance of the effect could not be surrounded and if you didn't perform it perfectly then you don't end up with a perfect set of linked rings.

Rings eliminates ALL of these issues.

It is super practical not only to perform but also to create. Because you know that at the end of the performance you are guaranteed to be able to leave your spectators with a perfect set of signed, linked rings EVERY time.

I'm using the f*** out of this, it's tremendous!" - Alan Rorrison - Creator of... well.. a s**t tonne of magic!

"Rings is a new classic in magic. If you don't own this you are CRAZY!!!! I'm serious, you are absolutely CRAZY IF YOU DON'T OWN THIS!! So, to all the crazy people out there, stop being crazy and buy this now!
2 separate, signed pieces of a playing card link....FOREVER!!! No cuts, no tears, the spectator's can examine and keep this forever! There are very few effect that come this close to real magic! And here's the best's easy to do!! No fumbling, no hard sleights or manipulation, no angles, it just happens...with very little work on your part. I LOVE THIS and will forever be grateful to Ben for creating this."
- Richard Sanders - Creator of Extreme Burn, Interlace and Fibre Optics and Ace and Tagged and the list goes on!

"An unforgettable impossible object, made by magic!" - Christian Grace - Creator of Enigma, Switch One and Level One (plus an all round nice guy!)

"The perfect, I've got one more for you effect!" - Adam Wilber

"It isn't very common these days for me to get EXCITED about an upcoming release. Everything seems to be derivative of something great that already exists. Rings, however, sparked my excitement in a way that is hard to describe. I felt like I was watching an old school video learning something special. Rings is going right into my corporate strolling set!" - Kyle Purnell - Penguin Magic Creator of the Year 2021 and Creator of Lightyear, Pipsleek 2.0 and The Hancock Effect (Also, no one can rock a pair of red glasses like this dude can!)

"Rings is much more than a trick - it's a moment they will never forget. It's practical, engaging and most importantly - memorable. I love it!" - Liam Levanon - Creator of Inverto

"I first saw Ben do RINGS with my parents during a show and was blown away by it. Since learning the trick from Ben I've used it at every wedding I performed at, it is a truly beautiful piece of magic. Get this, you won't regret it!" - Martin Rees - Guiness World Record Magician (5 World Records To Date!)

Forget Anniversary Waltz, there's a new kid in town!

Brand: Ben Williams

Creator: Ben Williams

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Customer Reviews

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Adrian Tritton
What a piece of magic

Ben performed this at my daughter’s wedding and people were astounded. Now he has released it and we can all perform this brilliant bit of reputation making magic. There is some craft involved but once you have seen the tutorial you will be making them up no problem, it’s easy to do and I have it to about 2 minutes for each one now.

Just buy it and see you won’t be disappointed