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Scribe by Christian Grace and Ellusionist

Scribe by Christian Grace and Ellusionist

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Thumb-writing is sloppy, illegible and unconvincing - it's why most magicians don't use it.

The outcome usually looks like hieroglyphs and you need to convince your audience that you actually predict their free choice.

That is, until now.

SCRIBE by Christian Grace is a full system, two gimmicks that connect seamlessly to put thumb-writing on the table for the first time in history.

No more hiding the dirty work, SCRIBE happens right under their nose, in full view at pure fingertips.

Predict numbers, pin codes, words, shapes... anything.

Scribe is a universal tool for street & stage and comes with everything you need:

  • Scribe Gimmick
  • Custom Magnetic Thumb Writer
  • A Stack of Billets
  • Spare Magnet
  • Lead Refills

Can I perform Scribe, even if I'm left-handed?
Yes. The SCRIBE gimmick has been designed to be fully universal. It can be used in either your right or left hand.

I have small/big hands. Will it work for me?
Yes. We designed this thing to be one-size fits all. Christian explains in the video instructions how to customize your gimmick to EXACTLY your hand size.

Brand: Ellusionist

Creator: Christian Grace

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