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Single Handed by Geraint Clarke & Duane Williams

Single Handed by Geraint Clarke & Duane Williams

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You place one hand behind your back before the trick starts.

Then, they freely choose a card (no force).

They shuffle.

With just one hand, you cut the deck, pull out a random card and ask them if it’s theirs.

IT’S NOT… and you say...

“I’m much better at tricks with two hands.”

As you slowly spin around, the hand that’s been behind your back the entire time, is now holding their card.

It can even be signed.

In the project you will learn:
The Single-handed routine
The NSFW reveal
The Deck Vanish Version
The TV-clean version
Single-handed is as fun to perform as it is to watch.

Spectators often have an expectation of sleight-of-hand, or the hand being quicker than the eye.

So performing this single-handed allows you to play on that expectation & produce a more impossible reveal.

The gimmicked deck makes it feel free and loose - but you’re always in control.

So join Geraint Clarke - as he teaches you how to blow minds, Single-handed.

Brand: Ellusionist

Creator: Geraint Clarke

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Absolutely love it.