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Snaps by David Jonathan and Dan Harlan

Snaps by David Jonathan and Dan Harlan

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David Jonathan and Dan Harlan have revolutionised the deck of cards. It is so good it won Penguin Magic Trick Of The Year!

This isn’t just a gimmick that hides in plain sight. It’s not just two beautiful decks of cards designed to elevate your magic beyond simple tricks. It’s an invitation to more than a dozen different routines and a community of creators using a revolutionary tool that will blow your audience away. This is SNAPS.

You will receive two high-quality sets of cards consisting of gorgeous full-colour photos with a secret that is too good to share here. Using these cards you will be able to reveal words, numbers, names, places, playing cards, ESP symbols, anything you want. Both David Jonathan and Dan Harlan teach lots of high impact routines to get you started. But it doesn’t stop there. These cards have built-in psychological forces, bonus features, and an online community where the name of the game is creativity.

In the works for more than a year, SNAPS comes ready to go right out of the box. Perfect for mentalists, magicians, and anyone who wants great reactions. Start taking your old card routines in new and exciting directions. Learn a book test that has multiple climaxes. Have the cards mixed and then reveal your spectator’s name with them doing all the dealing. Have an audience member think of one of the pictures and transform the image inside their own mind. These aren’t ideas to get you creating, these are real effects taught in the download, and that’s just the beginning of where SNAPS will take you.

"A clever tool for creative performers. Endless possibilities" - R. Paul Wilson

"SNAPS is just what I wanted. Do virtually any card effect without the taint of card tricks. And much much more. For those who find card tricks redundant or out of place , SNAPS opens a whole new world. It has unlimited uses, a fine double set, and sharp video. I will use these. 5 stars easily" - Marc Salem

"A really great concept, beautifully realised…these cards are fantastic!" - Marc Paul

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: David Jonathan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A beautiful and clever set of cards

This is an amazing product - two decks of picture cards in a sturdy and stylish box with great instructional videos that are well-explained and easy to do. The only thing is that some of the pictures, being based on American culture, took me a while to memorize!
As always outstanding service from Monster Magic with questions answered over the Bank Holiday weekend and the items I'd ordered arriving on my doorstep within seconds of me placing my order (or so it seemed!) Thanks MM.

Tommy Winder

I love snaps, they only arrived today and I am 40 mins into the tutorial but I can tell I am going to get loads of use out of these. Snappy delivery from the monsters despite it being easter weekend.

Great mentalist trick

Really like this trick.

Richard James
Snaps by David Jonathan and Dan Harlan

This is an terrific little trick. The cards are lovely and a bit different. The routine is very easy to do, but will be very strong when presented properly. I will get a lot of use from this little beauty. Highly recommend.