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Snow Deck by Yoan Tanuji

Snow Deck by Yoan Tanuji

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SNOW DECK offers your spectators an experience based on the imagination. A simple and direct effect, very easy to do with a powerful impact: a white deck, a freely named card, THE ultimate revelation!
A flagship international release for the Magic Dream Label.

The Effect:
You present your audience with a deck that is not printed on both sides, then you pull out a white card. You ask a spectator and ask him to imagine a card printed on it and put it back in the game himself.
Instantly, without any manipulation, you spread the deck and the back of a card has just appeared! You turn over the cards and it's the chosen card! As pure as that!
You are not dreaming, no difficulty, no handling and above all A TOTALLY FREE CHOICE! 
Yoan TANUJI , creator of many magic effects (EJO BOOKTEST, ROOM 66, etc.) and high quality card games (Bicycle PASSPORT, Fast'n'Genious, Lotricks, etc.), left nothing to chance during the preparation of the SNOW DECK. From staging to performance, every detail has been thought out and redesigned to provide your viewers with a complete routine that will leave them speechless.  



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One of my favourite card tricks

Fun to perform too.