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Spidey's King Con by Richard Sanders

Spidey's King Con by Richard Sanders

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King Con is almost certainly going to be your new comedy card opener.

An AMAZING 4 Card change, with a Comedy Twist and a KNOCK OUT FINISH!


Four 'HAND-DRAWN' playing cards are used to demonstrate a ridiculous card cheating technique.
The comic presentation causes the spectator to question the magician's sanity.
Then SUDDENLY, under IMPOSSIBLE CONDITIONS, all 4 cards suddenly CHANGE INTO REAL PLAYING CARDS right under the spectator's nose...even in their own hands.

This is a powerful 4 card change where the cards never leave their sight...and EVERY CARD CHANGES.
It's a ridiculous presentation mixed with a REAL MAGIC finish...that catches them way off guard
And (using one of the included handlings) everything is completely examinable...with NO PALMING and NO SLEIGHT OF HAND.


  • Easy to do..
  • A bulletproof 4 card change
  • The 4 cards never leave their sight.
  • It happens right under people's noses.
  • In their own hands.
  • With absolutely NO COVER
  • It's mind blowing... and ENTERTAINING.
  • No bad angles
  • Instant reset
Includes 5 Killer Routines:
  • Simple Switch
  • Visual Voodoo
  • Spidey's comedy routine
  • Clean Finish
  • 4 Ace Knock Out
  • And more
Custom Cards:
The ideal, practical gimmicked card system.

Brand: Richard Sanders

Creator: Spidey

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