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Spirit Slates Pro by TCC

Spirit Slates Pro by TCC

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Over a century ago, legendary mentalist Alexander collaborated with a magic prop supplier named Thayer to develop the Dr. Q series of mentalism products, and one of the items from this series became known as the Spirit Slates.

Known as Dr. Q's Spirit Slates, over the next hundred years or so, the Spirit Slates has been adapted into numerous iterations, the only constant being the classic design of the two classical blackboards and the paranormal experience it brings to the audience.

And this is our new version: The Spirit Slates Pro.

Made from a professional and high-quality blackboard, surrounded by a walnut wooden frame.

The gimmick is more durable than any previous models before it! It's made of metal!

Meanwhile, it still triggers silently and the unique mechanism design allows a fully automatic operation!

There's no need to do any suspicious turnover moves. Just place one slate on top of the other, and your message will appear in between them.

Two slates (outer size 26cm x 17.5cm, writable area 22.7cm x 14.2cm) are displayed and locked together. A volunteer is asked to select certain information (e.g. a playing card from a deck of cards). The 'spirits' know the information he/she selected! Upon opening the slates there is the selected card written in chalk!

Our version is not just 'quiet' but completely 'Silent'! You will never hear anything when the gimmick triggers!

The entire operation is self-working. You only need to place these two slates together and the magic will automatically happen! You don't even need to turn them over or shake them as you did with your traditional versions of this classic prop!


  • Skill level: no skill required
  • High-quality blackboard, surrounded by a walnut wooden frame
  • Durable metal gimmick
  • Silent operation
  • No suspicious moves
  • Large surface (outer size 26cm x 17.5cm, writable area 22.7cm x 14.2cm).

The set includes:
Slates with walnut wooden frame × 2
Internal gimmick (completely silent) × 1
Online video instruction by Conan Liu

Brand: TCC

Creator: TCC

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