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Stroop Test by David Jonathan

Stroop Test by David Jonathan

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Prepare to astonish your audience by predicting the future through a seemingly innocent psychological experiment. The Stroop Test created by the brilliant minds of David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis, seamlessly merges genuine science with the art of magic to consistently predict your spectator's choices with uncanny accuracy. This is The Stroop Test.

A stunning demonstration of influence, wrapped up in a fascinating psychological phenomenon. A perfect mentalism routine.

"Absolutely fantastic. Super commercial, engaging, easy to do and instant reset. Superb!" - Chris Congreave

"Stroop Test ticks all the boxes. Captivating, engaging and magical. The method is devious, making this a magician and audience pleaser." - Joel Dickinson

"I've been looking for a good Stroop Test routine for ages and I finally found it! This is commercial, it makes sense and is going straight in my close-up and online sets!" - Luca Volpe

"A clever method hidden within an interesting presentation. Win-win." - Manos Kartsakis

"This is exactly the kind of magic I love. Clean, smart, strong, simple and very practical." - Haim Goldenberg

Here’s what happens:
A set of cards is introduced that have the names of the colors printed on them. Each of the words is printed in a different color than what it reads. A spectator is asked to choose a number, and the magician deals down that many cards. The color on the card is shown to match a prediction the magician made before the trick even started.

The Stroop Test comes with custom printed cards that do all of the work for you. There are no complicated spelling procedures or unusual methods of displaying the cards. The number the spectator says is the number that you actually deal. Multiple clever principles interlock to create an engaging and baffling prediction effect. Start testing your audiences with The Stroop Test.

Produced by Penguin Magic.

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: David Jonathan

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Great mentalist trick

I enjoy this trick, really recommend!