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Sudden Impact by Cameron Francis

Sudden Impact by Cameron Francis

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The Sudden Impact effect:
A Joker is isolated inside the card case - everything is completely fair - with the card in full view it instantly changes into the signed selection which is then fairly dumped out of the box and handed out for inspection! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!

But, it doesn't stop there - Cameron has created no less then SEVEN DIFFERENT EFFECTS (including magic, mentalism and gambling themes) with the SUDDEN IMPACT gimmicks and online instructions all included! You'll learn a ton of cool moves and sleights as Cameron shows you a wide variety of uses for his SUDDEN IMPACT concept. With the online instructions and the enclosed gimmicks, you'll be able to:

  • Change one card into another!
  • Change the back color of a card!
  • Change a playing card into your business card!
  • Melt two signed cards into one!
  • Make one card pass through another!
Plus Cameron will also teach you a method for cleaning up the gimmicks meaning that EVERYTHING can be examined!

  • Sudden Impact

    A random card visually transforms into a signed selection!
  • Passin Thru

    A selection visually passes through another card!
  • Colour Correct

    The back of a card changes from red to blue!
  • All Business

    A selected card suddenly changes into your business card!
  • Really Wild

    A cased Joker visually changes to complete a Royal Flush!
  • Sudden Thought

    A cased card visually changes into a thought of card!
  • Bonus: Sudden Waltz

    Two signed cards are visually fused together inside the card case!

ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE? Cameron Francis continues to confound the magic world with his unstoppable creativity and flair for unbelievably practical and visual close up magic. With SUDDEN IMPACT - he may just have outdone himself! This is an incredibly visual change of one card into another that will leave your audiences completely stunned!


Creator: Cameron Francis

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