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Super Sharpie by Magic Smith

Super Sharpie by Magic Smith

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Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your business card. When they say their number, you turn over your card and it matches. Every time! Does magic get any more direct than this?

Now you can predict a spectator's freely thought of name, number, date, age - even the amount of change in their pocket. The list goes on and on - and your reputation will only grow and grow!

All this is possible with the Super Sharpie. The Super Sharpie is a revolutionary redesign of mentalism's most potent weapon. It's so incredibly simple to use, you'll be performing mind boggling mental miracles just minutes after practicing with it.

The Super Sharpie can be used as a regular Sharpie - because it is! Feel free to hand it to spectators to sign cards - they'll never discover its hidden secret.

There's a built-in precision gimmick that allows you to make sharp, distinct predictions with clarity and legibility. Best of all, you'll do all this right under their noses - while they're staring at you. Since it's all built into the pen, there's no fumbling. You start clean when you pull the pen out, and you end clean when you put the pen away.

It's self-contained, self-inking and undetectable, and it's always ready to go. You'll make your predictions on playing cards (even plastic cards), business cards, and virtually anything else that you can write on with a regular a Sharpie pen.

In the 15 minute companion video CD (included), you'll learn expert technique that will get you up and running with your Super Sharpe immediately. Comes with Super Sharpie, video CD and illustrated instructions.



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Customer Reviews

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Thoughts about Super Sharpie

Hi. I bought Super Sharpie from Monster Magic and Scribe from another source at about the same time, and Super Sharpie is much easier to use. For me, having only one gimmick to handle at a time is the way to go. Although, I do like Christian Grace’s way of presenting his Scribe effect.
Having a much darker marking system, Super Sharpie also makes for a bolder visual presentation, and I liked the explanation for replacing the ink in the sharpie. All in all, I’d say buy Super Sharpie for the stealing and application of the gimmick and Scribe for presentational ideas and tips.
And of course, support smaller magic dealers like Monster Magic.

Sara, Wiltshire
First Class Company

Superb service provided by Monster Magic owner, Alex. He cares so greatly about the service and products he provides.
Hugely experienced in all things Magic and Magical, and a superb Magician himself.
Quick responses to any queries or further information required,
In times where we can all find poor service and products when shopping online, Alex ‘Monster Magic’ is the online shop where you can have confidence in Products, Service, Knowledge and all genuinely provided by an ambassador for all he does so very very well.. ‘just like that’ 🎲🥇👏
Alex brings Magic to all.. one very happy little boy received his birthday gifts!
Thank you Monster Magic, Thank you Alex,

great mentalist trick!

One of my favourite tricks!