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Tally-Ho Circle Back - Blue

Tally-Ho Circle Back - Blue

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Tally-Ho Playing cards with the distinctive Circle back design.

Tally-Ho is the go-to choice for card magicians worldwide. These playing cards are meticulously designed to elevate the art of cardistry, a performance craft that spotlights dexterity and sleight of hand.

Every aspect of Tally Ho cards, from the finish to the graphics, has been designed to enhance the grace and fluidity of card movements. 

Every aspect of a Tally-Ho playing card feels tailored to the specific requirements of card magic:

  • Proprietary paper offers the perfect amount of stiffness and a slightly thicker feel than most cards.
  • Patented Linoid finish provides optimal glide for smooth cardistry moves.
  • Cut of the cards is adapted for easy handling.
  • Back designs, most notably the Circle back and Fan back, enhance the precision of the cards’ movement.

Brand: Tally-Ho

Creator: U.S.P.C.C

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Fantastic set of cards, highly recommend