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Tetracube by Maxim Durocher & Magic Dream

Tetracube by Maxim Durocher & Magic Dream

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Tetracube is an instant self solving cube that anyone can solve without knowing any algorithms ! 

  •  It does not require any practice It is self working. 
  •  Seen on TV. 
  •  Instant reset. 
  •  Durable gimmick made by hand.
  •  And revolutionary mechanism! 

This best-seller gimmick, optimized and perfect version was created by Maxim Durocher in association with the Magic Dream Label.


“Tetracube is an ingenious design. Congratulations, Maxim. You have solved a problem I’d always wanted to solve!” - Henry HARRIUS

“Maxim is a creative genius and has transformed Rubik’s Cube Magic.“ - Steven BRUNDAGE

"Tetracube is the most visual Rubik's Cube effect on the market! This is the magician's dream effect!" - Hanson CHIEN
"Congrats! Tetracube is a brilliant concept, ahead of it’s time!" - Nicholas LAWRENCE

"As a magician with a degree in product design, what I really appreciate about Maxim is his dedication to designing a wonderful, creative and well-made Tetracube. (...) It is what you expect great magic to be." - Chris PILSWORTH B.I.D

"When the cubes arrived, I couldn't believe how they worked, I even wrote him asking what planet he was from! This is SERIOUSLY clever. (...)" - Chad LONG

"I like it. It's one of the cleverest things I've ever seen. It's genius in terms of how it works. 90 % from Ryland, 87 % from me. It's a really good trick <with many uses> and really well made (...) !" - Craig PETTY (MagicTV)

"It's the most visual solving cube I've ever seen and the perfect one to close your cubes routine or if you want to use for social medias. Gravity solve is really cool. It's totally fantastic. I love it! Well done Maxim & Magic Dream. Grab it!" - Luca VOLPE (Breakfast Mentalism)

  • One handed solved 
  • On the arm solve  
  • Toss Up solve 
  • Three Color Changing Cube 
  • 6 face shuffle to 6 face solve 
  • 6 face shuffle to 6 face white 
  • Table Solve 
  • Couch Solve 
  • Cube in Balloon solve 
  • Solve in sealed Tupperware 
  • Solve in Ziplock 


  • Spectator solve cube behind the back solve (Improved). 
  • Matching Cube effect. 
  • Cube resolved in 1 second (on the table / on the air). 
  • And multiple other possibilities to create your own routines. 

It’s not just a Magic Trick it’s a fun toy to play with, and to perform in real life & social networks ! 

Now available worldwide.
Special thanks to Vincent C. & Xavier D. for their kind help!



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