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The Baby Book by John Morton

The Baby Book by John Morton

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"Just amazing. This is my favourite 'Book Test'. It is so much more fun than choosing words and 100% baffling. The children's book is easy to carry and as it is fundamentally un-gimmicked the spectator keeps holds of it through out, there is nothing for them to see. There is no memory work involved, you just need to know the devious secret. The multiple phases rule out possible method after method. Incredible fun, super easy mentalism." - Monster Magic Review

The Trick that Fooled Penn and Teller

"Every Magician, amateur or professional could get this book and after reading one sentence could kill with it!" - Penn Jillette

"Really entertaining, You fooled us!" - Penn & Teller

A kids picture book is shown and it is explained that this book is used to teach the magicians daughter what various items look like and what they are called.

You demonstrate that what we do is show her the big picture saying what it is and ask her to point it out from the items below.

The magician explains that because it is a repetitive thing, without even realizing it they have learnt every single page off by heart.

You offer to demonstrate and pass the book out. Ask the spectator to open the book to any page they like and look at the big item.

They now call out in any order all the items on the page below including at some point the big item. After they have called out all 9 items you correctly tell them which the big item is.

Created with the kind permission of Stephen Young.



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