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The Card That Matters by Rick Lax

The Card That Matters by Rick Lax

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Rick Lax undertook a formidable challenge: to accomplish the seemingly impossible feat of allowing a spectator to freely name any card, only to have that very card be the sole face-up card within a poker hand that fits neatly inside a small envelope. The outcome is The Card That Matters.

Here’s what it looks like:
1. You hold a tiny envelope with a poker hand inside it (5 cards).
2. You tell your spectator there is one card face-up in this poker hand, and you invite them to guess what it is.
3. When you spread the cards out, they are 100% correct.
4. Not only that, the face-up card has a different colored back than the rest of the cards!

These cards are overflowing with clever secrets that make this miracle possible.

One of the best magic teachers in the world, Rick teaches every step in great detail so you feel confident and ready for anything!

The Card That Matters is amazing and easy to do thanks to the special cards you’ll receive. Rick worked with a designer to collapse what would normally take an entire gimmicked deck into a packet so small it could fit in your wallet. This is more than just a packet trick. It's a miracle that will leave your audiences stunned.

Produced by Penguin Magic.

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: Rick Lax

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Customer Reviews

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I really like it, spectator really can name any card except the ACES, the way everything works together is just brilliant.