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The Handkerchief Illusion by TCC

The Handkerchief Illusion by TCC

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The handkerchief, a symbol of magical elegance, takes on a new role in the Handkerchief Illusion, becoming a canvas of wonder on which the chosen playing card pattern materialises.

The magician presents a black handkerchief with a white frame in the center. Guiding the audience member to fold and secure it with a rubber band, the magician then places the bundle in a glass. The audience is invited to freely choose a playing card, remember it, and place it on the table.

As the handkerchief is unfurled, the intricate pattern of the chosen playing card materializes within the white frame. Simultaneously, the pips on the playing card resting on the table mysteriously vanish.

The effect is a harmonious blend of simplicity and magic, transforming the handkerchief into a canvas of playing cards.

The included handkerchiefs feature patterns of three different cards, which can also be used as revelations in parlour or stage performances.

What's included

  • The set includes four 20 x 18 cm handkerchiefs with a special silk-like texture.
  • Patterns include Blank, 8 of Hearts, 9 of Clubs, and King of Diamonds.

Note: Measurements are taken manually and slight variations in size do not affect functionality.

Brand: TCC Magic

Creator: TCC Magic

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Customer Reviews

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So good

I really like this, glad I purchased it. You can make it quite funny also. Highly recommend 👌