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The Last Rise by Andrew and Magic Dream

The Last Rise by Andrew and Magic Dream

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Rising card effects have always left audiences in awe, but forget everything you've learned in the past, The Last Rise is a game-changer!
Years ago, houlettes were prohibitively expensive, but now you have the chance to get a similar effect at a fraction of the cost. Even better, this version is much more organic and doesn't rely on obvious props.
Get ready to elevate your magic to new heights with The Last Rise!

There is something so magical about a chosen card rising from within the middle of the boxed deck. Now imagine the impact if that card was merely thought of!

With The Last Rise, you will be able to perform this wonderful effect without electronics, without any sleight of hand and with no risk of breaking threads, ITR or similar during your performance.

All you do is fan the deck in front of your spectator and have two cards merely thought of. The deck is placed back in the box (at this point you truly have no idea which cards they are thinking of). Spectator one names their card, and it starts to rise from the centre of the pack. Please note this is a single card rising and not a block.

As a killer second phase you wave your hand in front of the first selection, and it instantly changes into thought of card number two!

You are now instantly reset, so you can do it again.

3 routines are included with the video explanations.

Andrew is a meticulous creator. With Magic Dream they have created a high-quality gimmick which you can perform anytime everywhere! A Bicycle branded tuck specially made by hand by his team, the effect is so easy to perform that all you need do is concentrate on your performance.

  • Bicycle tuck made by hand
  • Tuck box can be shown front and back
  • Instant reset
  • Do it several times with different cards
  • No electronic system and no ITR
  • Everything is under your control; the card rises the exact moment you require!


Brand: Magic Dream

Creator: Andrew

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