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The Tiny Grand Illusion by Green Lemon

The Tiny Grand Illusion by Green Lemon

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The Tiny Grand Illusion by Green Lemon is a mesmerising packet trick that brings the world of grand illusions right into your hands. This enchanting trick will leave your audience baffled and amazed, as you take them on a journey into the world of magic and mystery.

With “The Tiny Grand Illusion,” you start by displaying three cards featuring a magician’s assistant inside a grand illusion box. Using your magical touch, you seemingly slice the assistant into three distinct pieces with your hands, and then you turn the cards around to reveal an empty box. But here’s the twist – you swap the head and foot sections of the assistant, creating a seemingly impossible and mind-boggling situation.

But as we all know, the true secret behind illusions lies with the magician’s assistants, and “The Tiny Grand Illusion” is no exception. In a stunning and magical display, the assistant magically restores herself, leaving your audience in awe of her magical powers!

And the best part? The audience gets to participate in the magic! Invite a spectator to shuffle the cards as much as they desire. No matter how haphazardly the cards are laid out, the assistant’s image always miraculously reassembles. This effect can be repeated as many times as you wish, leaving your spectators utterly astounded.

Even when it seems like things might go wrong, the magician only proves how much confidence he has in his assistant. When the assistant ends up in an impossible position, the magician can demonstrate that he had planned this all along. There was a prediction in FULL SIGHT the whole time.

“The Tiny Grand Illusion” is perfect for both beginner and experienced magicians, adding a touch of grandeur and wonder to your repertoire. With its easy-to-follow instructions and jaw-dropping effect, this trick is sure to become a staple in your magical performances. Make your audience believe in the impossible with “The Tiny Grand Illusion” by Green Lemon.

“The Tiny Grand Illusion” is available in two variants: the Magic Assistant and The Mummy. In the Mummy variant, you play with a boxed-up mummy that gets tangled up during its journey to the museum.

Brand: Green Lemon

Creator: Green Lemon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nick Key
A Grand Tiny Illusion.

Great little trick, quick to learn and simple to perform. Very pleased with it and the service from Monster Magic was excellent!


still learning and practicing it, Iam not ready present it yet. But looking good.

Andy Kean
Tiny Grand Illusion - an every day carry - classic stage trick in your pocket wow!

This product is beautifully made and isn’t card trick, isn’t a coin trick. It is deceptive and so easy to perform the perfect EDC for that pipe and slippers moment. Wonderful !


What a great 'pack small, play big' trick! Devious in its simplicity. Minutes to learn.

Paul Cisowski
Tiny Grand Illusion

Nice packet trick…..Similar to a. Astor released effect…..