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Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong, Mathieu Bich and Garrett Thomas

Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong, Mathieu Bich and Garrett Thomas

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"I love it, the spectators love it, everyone loves the Tiny Plunger that can count cards and find a chosen card. The method is simple, the emotional hook massive and you get a lot of different ideas and approaches from some the best minds in magic and Jon Armstrong. A must have!" - Monster Magic Review

What do you get when three of magic's most innovative creators (Mathieu Bich, Jon Armstrong and Garrett Thomas) put their heads together?

A Tiny Plunger!

This unsuspecting little prop becomes the feature of an amazing trick. Based on a concept by Mathieu Bich, with additional ideas by Jon Armstrong and Garrett Thomas, Tiny Plunger is that rare prop that is at once funny, amazing, and memorable. Best of all, the routine is within the range of the beginner.

Tiny Plunger comes with 1 non-gimmicked plunger (colors vary), an incredible instructional DVD with multiple routines and comedic ideas from Jon and Garrett.
Everything you need to do Jon's Killer Plunger routine, as seen on Penn & Teller's Fool Us!

Take the plunge, and perform Tiny Plunger!

NOTE: This product no longer includes the gimmicked plunger. Non-gimmicked plunger comes in a variety of colors and are random.



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James Sandifer
Possibly the greatest trick ever

This is my go to I love it you will too!