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Vanishing Nickel by John Cornelius

Vanishing Nickel by John Cornelius

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John Cornelius' Vanishing Nickel Was first seen by the world when Doug Henning performed it on his world-wide television special.

The Vanishing Nickel looks like real magic! It truly looks like a camera trick however, you are able to perform this miracle close-up, right in front of your spectators without the use of black-art, special lighting, or any sticky stuff. It can be instantly repeated and it takes up no extra space than an actual nickel does.

Imagine displaying a coin in your open hand. Your fingers slowly close over the coin. When you reopen your hand, the coin has magically VANISHED! With the fingers spread wide apart, the hand is slowly turned over, showing no trace of the coin on the back side of the hand. The coin has vanished completely! Lastly, the hand is again closed, and when reopened the coin has reappeared right in the middle of your hand. This is as good as visual magic gets.

The next time someone asks you to perform a trick, perform the vanishing nickel... The reactions are amazing!

Includes everything you need to start performing right out of the box.
  • All gimmicks are included
  • No black art
  • No tape or any other sticky stuff
  • No lighting restrictions
  • No sleight of hand
  • Easy to perform
  • Easy to learn
  • Online instructions

Brand: Murphys Magic

Creator: John Cornelius

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Marion Newell
Great service

Items arrived promptly and well wrapped - all 3 items received were just as good as Alex described in his video