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Visual-Struck by Axel Vergnaud

Visual-Struck by Axel Vergnaud

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Axel Vergnaud has once again made a strong impact with this new creation.

Axel is known for having created Kraft, Etna, Room 66, Spirit Name Tag, and others.

Visual-Struck is a cleverly designed notepad that allows you to make any drawing, number, or word travel. It also allows you to switch words, drawings, cards, and even make a signed card, ticket, candy, and many other things appear.

Visual-Struck is more than just a magic trick; it is an accessory that enables you to perform countless effects. Imagine a drawing visually disappearing from a post-it note only to reappear on the back of a chosen and signed card by the spectator. Even more impressive, imagine combining Liam Montier's Stickman trick to visually travel the drawing. Draw a card on the post-it note, and it transforms into the spectator's signed card. This is only a small part of what you can accomplish with Visual-Struck.

I would like to thank Garret Thomas and Henry Harrius for their routine ideas and advice.

Here's what the professionals think:

"It's a powerful tool with a lot of applications, I like it." - Bill Cheung

"Wow. Impressed. Possibilities are endless. Visual-Struck will stick with you." - Michel Huot

"I'm a POV lover as well. I always have it and a post note in my pockets. I'm happy to see more post note gimmicks released, so I have more weapons." - Hondo Chen

Note: Comes fully assembled and ready to use.

  • Super visual.
  • Reset in 2 seconds.
  • Customizable to your heart's content.
  • Durable gimmick for life.
  • No special ink.
  • No gimmicked pen.
  • Killer effects delivered ready to perform.
  • A tool with multiple applications.
  • Easily adaptable to your audience (age, language, etc.)

Axel was able to present the trick to Gustavo Ralay, who also had plans to release a similar product that will be coming soon.



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