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Wonder Tube by TCC

Wonder Tube by TCC

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A Refreshed Triple Transport Bill Tube. Borrowed and signed bill transport in the two nested sealed brass tubes enclosed within a tied velvet bag.

Recently, we've been contemplating a question: How can we captivate the audience right from the start of a magic trick and keep them engaged until the end, creating a memorable and lasting experience? With this in mind, we've discovered a unique magic effect - the Bill Tube.

In this classic routine, a bill borrowed from the audience and signed mysteriously vanishes. Then, the audience is presented with a sealed brass tube. They open the lock, unscrew the lid, and to their astonishment, find the bill safely stored inside.
But imagine this: the brass tube is first enclosed in a tightly bound velvet bag. Opening the lock on the brass tube reveals yet another smaller tube inside. The audience eagerly spends more than 10 seconds unscrewing the lid of the smaller tube, finally revealing the bill inside.

This structure of the Wonder Tube creates an instant triple transposition effect. What makes it special is the high level of audience participation. Most of the manipulation is done by the audience themselves, increasing their sense of involvement and enchantment with the magic.

We've meticulously crafted the set using brass as the primary material for both the large and small brass tubes, ensuring visual and tactile aesthetics. The unique structure of the gimmick pushed us to achieve the utmost precision in craftsmanship, resulting in a flawless appearance. We've also included a velvet bag, not only to add an extra layer of transposition to the effect but also as a handy accessory for storing the brass tubes during impromptu performances.
Experience the ultimate beauty of texture and magic with the Wonder Tube. Its potential extends beyond bill transposition, as it can be seamlessly integrated into your routines to transport corners of cards or signed notes. Let the amazement unfold with Wonder Tube.


  • Instant Triple Transport
  • High Audience Engagement
  • Aesthetic Brass Material
  • Precise Gimmick and Flawless Appearance
The set includes
  • Large gimmicked brass tube
  • Small gimmicked brass tube
  • Brass padlock and key set
  • Handkerchief
  • Velvet bag
(Please note that everyday items featured in the trailer, such as rubber bands and colored paper, are not included.)

Brand: TCC

Creator: TCC

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