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Words by David Stone

Words by David Stone

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A spectator takes a wordsearch puzzle book and opens it to any page. He visualises a word in the grid and memorises it. A few seconds of concentration is enough for the mentalist to guess the chosen word!

But the experience does not stop there....

Thanks to this magic book test, you are able to repeat this mind reading as many times as you'd like and with other words. 

You will even go so far as to reveal, without any difficulty, the letter located just after the word chosen from the 100 grids of the magazine.

In the end, the mentalist will be able to reproduce the entire grid chosen by the spectator, at a phenomenal speed and in front of the spectators' eyes!

With this book test , you will receive:

- 3 magazines (100 pages each) of some wordsearch puzzles especially designed for this book test,
- 23 downloadable instructions pages in pdf.



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